I write television scripts, cartoons, comics, articles, fan-fiction, poems, songs, sick tweets & warning labels. Nothing else.

I write regularly for The Prompt. Taste these delicious samples:


The 12 Stages of Being Rejected by Nickelodeon Animation Studios

As a lifelong fan, Jay was so excited about the prospect of working for Nickelodeon. Sadly, they shared his enthusiasm in the sickest way possible.

A Struggling TV Writer’s Black Mirror Spec Script

A promising young TV writer takes a pass at the hottest new Netflix show, Black Mirror. Although, the twist in this version is definitely not what we were expecting. Like, at all.


My Name Is Inigo Montoya, My Father Is Very Much Alive, And I Certainly Have No Intention Of Killing You.

No, I get it. I’ve seen the movie. But, as I sit before you, you can see I’m very obviously not that Inigo Montoya. THE JOKE’S ON ME, I GUESS!

My First Celebrity Crush Was on a Cartoon Dog. Sigh.

Jay had a shocking realization. As a boy, he liked cartoons. Like REALLY liked cartoons. His celebrity crush started with animated ladies like Roxanne, Lola Bunny, and Misty.

6 CLASSIC Times Parents Made Kids TOTALLY Uncomfortable(And They’re All From The Bible!)

BRB just hiding my face in the holiest of scriptures because my PARENTS ARE SO EMBARRASSING.

Dinner with My 3 Clones

This dinner’s not big enough for the 3 of us. Wait, four of us? Five? With so many Jay clones at the dinner table, not all of them can survive.

Family Member ApplicAtion

One time my parents and siblings went on a trip to Chicago without inviting me. They didn't even tell me they were going. So, I submitted a cover letter and resume applying for the position of "Family Member." I believe it's still in review.


The Adventures of Zelda & Link - Pilot

I wrote a pilot for what I think would make a pretty sweet Legend of Zelda cartoon series.